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The listing is for one ring with a Dendritic Agate stone. These Agates are colourless, white, or grey, and have tree- or fern-like inclusions of iron or manganese, called dendrites.

The ring band is 2 mm thick and is very sturdy.

Dendritic agate ring, round

155,00 €Price
  • This item is made to order and will be shipped in 3-5 days.
    You will receive them gift-wrapped for no additional charge.

  • You can order a ring of any size in any sizing system.
    If you are not sure about your size, this page might be helpful:
    If you want to buy the ring as a gift and you don't know the precise size, you may also choose a standard size: Small (UK- M, USA - 6) Medium (UK - P, USA - 7,5) Large (UK - S, USA - 9).

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